Valentine’s Day might be the main season for love, lingerie and some intimate time, but how do we exactly heat up the moment even on a normal day? If you’re in the mood to dress up, to make your man weak on any special occasion,  here are 5 tips to create possibly the most seductive you.

That Red Lip

Now, we all know that we can rock a red lip anytime but if there is one lip colour you must rock on every special occasion for you and him, a classic red lip will definitely be the way to go. Red is sensuous, seductive and sexy. Not only does it accentuate the curvature of your lips, it is also an extremely emotionally evoking colour.

Red is empowering. Red is energising. Not only does red make you feel good, it’s intensity drives you to be strong willed, giving you the heightened confidence to be able to conquer more than you will ever imagine.

If you’re seeking to create more heat and intimacy, raise the intensity of your red lip. The richer and deeper the colour, the more he is going to want to take action. Exciting, increasing and intensifying the blood pressure of your man, you will find yourself getting a lot more intimate with him.

A Sultry, Smoky Eye

“They say the eyes are the window to the soul.” -Wendy Mass

Your eyes are the feature that hold most of your conversations between you and your man. He knows when you’re elated and he knows when you’re frustrated and hence, you should be preparing your eyes to send him signals a little more suggestive on this special occasion.

To draw his attention to you, a dark smokey look that accentuates and intensifies the colour of your eyes would make him a lot more conscious about your presence. This is because the darker colour around the eyes creates depth and contrast, revealing a subtle yet unmistakably seductive stare.

Lace It Up

Next up to making him yearn for you, is to dress up.

This is the time where you dawn on everything lace. Lace is fun and lace is intimate. Lace allows you to hide parts of your body you aren’t satisfied with, and also enhance features of your body that you would wish to draw attention to. The way the soft and delicate piece of lace hugs your body makes you self-assured.

Since lace has been also associated to emoting feeling of sexual desire, the intricate detail on every piece of lace leaks a different body part for your man, giving him a sense of mystery and secrecy. This stunning visual stunt creates excitement, arouses and evokes passion in your man, therefore making him crave more for you.

Stand Up Tall

“Keep your heels, head and standards high”

You may not know it but heels are a fashion statement that every man approves of. With heels, it exaggerates hip movement, which are sex-specific aspects of the female walk, eventually raising the attractiveness in a woman. Sexual attractiveness can also easily be enhanced by using heels. With them, you stand up tall with an aura of confidence, your legs look more slender,  your chest is fuller and your bum is perkier.

Secondly, wearing high heels reminds men of the fantasies they all once had. By bringing their sexual fantasy to live, they would naturally be more inclined towards listening to you and abiding by your rules this special day.

His Favourite Scent

Last but not the least, perfume.

When you want to fully seduce your man, not only do you seduce him visually, you also want to tingle his sense of smell. He would definitely be at your mercy when you take control of his two vital senses. Spritz a scent that is different from what you usually wear and he will take notice of how different you smell today. Just like how colours have evoke different emotions, different scents also send different signals to the brain. Rich and deep aromas can actually stimulate parts of the brain directly connected to sexual desire.

Choose scents that are not too light because you want to ensure it lingers on you long enough for him to become obsessed with you. Something too sweet might get a little too taxing on the nose. Thus, remember to get one that is well balanced with musky tones, earthy and is feminine.