Exploring the Pleasure Realm: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Dildo

Choosing the right dildo can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available. What material feels best? How does size influence pleasure? Is a vibrating dildo the key to unlocking new sensations? In this guide, we’ll answer these questions and more, guiding you through the diverse world of dildos to help you find the perfect match for your desires. Let’s explore the essentials of material, shape, and safety, ensuring your journey into the pleasure realm is both exciting and informed.

A Beginners Guide To Dildos

Dildos come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, providing pleasure for those who engage in sexual activity. They are designed to satisfy sexual urges and can be a great addition to foreplay or solo masturbation. Many women do not achieve orgasms from penetration alone, and dildos can help bridge this gap.

Unlike insertable vibrators, dildos do not vibrate or have movement. They can be inserted …

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50 Best Dildos for Every Kind of Fun


Finding the perfect dildo can be a challenging journey, with so many options available and various features to consider. Are you looking for a toy that offers multiple sensations like thrusting and vibrating? Or perhaps something that feels incredibly realistic and lifelike? Maybe you need a beginner-friendly option that’s easy to use and clean. Whatever your preferences, navigating the sea of choices and understanding what’s best for your needs can be daunting. This article aims to simplify that process by presenting the 50 best dildos for every kind of fun, addressing common concerns like durability, ease of cleaning, and the quality of materials. Dive in and discover the perfect addition to your collection.

Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand Dildo Penis, Pink

So pretty, luxurious, and easy to hold

The Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand Dildo by Somall is a stunning and luxurious addition to your sex toy collection. This pink crystal …

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Popular Celebrities Who Wore Latex Dresses

It’s not easy being an ordinary person wearing outlandish clothes. Our society is such that it judges us on every corner, mostly based on what we look like. And yes, we know that’s wrong. But until things change, it’s easier to let celebrities break the ice and follow in their footsteps. So, allow us to list down some famous women who are known to wear tight latex on and off-stage from whom you can borrow courage and inspiration.

1. The Kardashians

When thinking about celebrities in latex, look no further than the Kardashians. And when talking about the Kardashians, it’s always best to start with the most famous family member — Kim Kardashian West.


Throughout her years in mainstream Hollywood culture, we were able to see Kim wearing all sorts of fancy dresses and colorful costumes. However, none were as interesting as her 2019 choice while attending the Met

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How women can become more seductive and confident with their bare skin

Are you looking for women’s beauty tips for beautiful skin? There are so many different things you need to know when it comes to skincare. Each person has different skin, which means that they require unique care. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a few tips to share with you. 

The Importance of Natural Skin

Guys that love girls often adore their skin. And if a girl has natural-looking skin, many guys will find her even more attractive. Now, the first thing on your mind is probably — Why would anyone care what guys like? And you are right — to a point. That is, girls care about it too. In fact, everyone cares about it. You will have a hard time finding someone that doesn’t think that natural skin is gorgeous.


And this is one of many reasons why investing in your skin will

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Beauty Tips That Will Make Him Melt

When it comes to pleasing a man, sometimes a gal just wants to throw in the proverbial towel. There are so many questions when it comes to what men like and so few definitive answers. For instance, “does he think my red lipstick is sexy or slutty?” or “are my fake eyelashes a turn-on or off?” And these are the easy questions. Trying to figure out what they want emotionally is a whole other issue. One reserved for all-nighter conversations or the therapist’s couch (NOT our field of expertise, sorry). The guidance we can give you in the relationship department is strictly beauty related, but every smart seductress knows that her beauty can act as her secret weapon to getting a man’s attention and affection. That’s why we’re sharing some sexy beauty tips that are tried, true and sure to heat things up. No matter what the temperature is outside, …

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5 Beauty Tricks and Makeup Looks To Seduce Your Man

Valentine’s Day might be the main season for love, lingerie and some intimate time, but how do we exactly heat up the moment even on a normal day? If you’re in the mood to dress up, to make your man weak on any special occasion,  here are 5 tips to create possibly the most seductive you.

That Red Lip

Now, we all know that we can rock a red lip anytime but if there is one lip colour you must rock on every special occasion for you and him, a classic red lip will definitely be the way to go. Red is sensuous, seductive and sexy. Not only does it accentuate the curvature of your lips, it is also an extremely emotionally evoking colour.

Red is empowering. Red is energising. Not only does red make you feel good, it’s intensity drives you to be strong willed, giving you the heightened …

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Look Better Naked: 10 Sexy Beauty Tips to Try

Whether you’re shedding some layers to hit the beach or stripping down for some bedroom QT with (insert name of extremely hot person you’re attracted to here), chances are you probably want your hot bod to look, well, you know, especially hot. For easy (read no gym time required) beauty tips on how to make your skin look and feel über-touchable, read on for some sexy beauty tips from some of our favorite beauty experts.

Make sure to treat every part of your skin—including your back.

Zapping dreaded bacne can be easier than you think. Beth Shapouri, our resident guru in The Girls in the Beauty Department, suggests showering right after you work out (to avoid pimple-producing sweat to build up) and switching to a body wash that contains the zit-buster salicylic acid (like Neutrogena’s Body Clear Pink Grapefruit Body Wash). Bonus beauty tip: Keep a stash of astringent pads
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Safety Precautions When Using a Dildo

Vibrators are great allies of female masturbation and are good erotic gifts to spice up the relationship of all types of couples. Every product packaging comes with instructions for use that need to be valued in order not to end in tragedy or disappointment.

To make sure your vibrator experience is the best possible, here are safety tips to learn which products are best and how to use them for maximum enjoyment. Below is the checklist with everything you need to check before leaving for pleasure:

Read The Vibrator Instruction

There are thousands of types of vibrators, some are the battery, some rechargeable, some have buttons. Believe me, the best way to know how it works is not using it. By reading the toy’s instructions you will be able to use it correctly – and be much more satisfied. Some may have adapted usage over time as they become more …

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Finally, A Sex Toy For Men You Both Can Enjoy

The vibrator is widely used in female bedrooms, but for the man there are so-called masturbators. These offer you a deceptively genuine replica of the female genitals and convey the feeling of sexual intercourse with a woman during masturbation. Whether you are on vaginal sex, anal sex or oral sex – the masturbators come in many different shapes and sizes. To experience almost real sex according to your own wishes, this is made possible by the particularly soft and at the same time robust material of these sex toys for men.

But how to use penis plugs? The American company Flesh light is considered the market leader in masturbators and offers everything you can dream of in terms of satisfaction. No matter what type of woman, which sex variation or position – at Flesh light you will surely find something. A special SoftSkin material and special extras such as textured …

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Being One With Your Ben Wa Ball

Ben Wa balls are, as their name suggests, balls that are usually sold by two connected or not by a wire and have diameters, weights and colors. Intended to be inserted into the vagina, they would be used by Chinese prostitutes for centuries and closely linked to the practice of tantrism. Their virtues would be legendary.


Today, they have become very popular with Western women. They allow them not only to do their “sexual gym”, but also to enhance their intimate relationships with their partner, like a sex toy. Ben Wa balls can contain small balls that, when shaken by contracting the vagina, gives very pleasant sensations from the inside.

How to use them?

As previously stated, Ben Wa balls have a dual function: they allow on the one hand strengthening the perineum, but are also part of the accessories that can be used during sexual games. They fit …

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