How to Apply Sex-Proof Makeup Tonight

Melissa Murphy has been a makeup artist in the adult film industry for the last eight years and has mastered the art of making women who are having sex look good before, during, and after every X-rated scene. This means using foundations that stay put on faces, lipsticks that won’t smear onto body parts, and eye makeup that won’t run. (Though “there was one time though when director Joanna Angel asked me to make the girls eyes run during sex,” she told the Cut, proving smudgy can be sultry. “Skip the waterproof mascara and let nature take its course.”)

Just in time for the calorie-burning activities many of us will be participating in tonight, Murphy has passed along her most trusted tips and products to get that melt-proof O-face. Click through the slideshow to see which products she favors on set, from Kiehl’s lip balm repurposed as face primer to …

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Porn Stars Without Make-Up That Will Shock You

When make-up artist Melissa Murphy released her first batch of photos featuring cosmetic-free porn models, she was not prepared for the reaction.

She told The Huffington Post US Weird News that the popularity of her Instagram series (designed to showcase her work) was “kind of crazy”.

Now, she’s back with a new selection of X-rated stars posing without lipstick, mascara, highlighter, foundation or glitter!

According to HuffPost Weird News, Murphy did experience some negative responses from her photo subjects the first time around, from those who mistakenly accused her of selling their images.

However, the makeup artist has since sorted out this confusion and says the situation is now all “pretty positive”. She’s even had increased interest in her professional services!

HuffPost UK Lifestyle asked the professional make-up artist and spa blogger, Lisa Stokes, why we’re so fascinated by these before and after shots of stars.

“I think it’s simple. …

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Clitoral vacuum stimulator: Sex Toys for Plus Sized Women

Finding the best sex toys for plus-sized women: It is safe to say that a new solution has been found in the clitoris stimulation method. It is the chastity counterpart for huge penis. A new model of non-contact impact on the source of female pleasure through vacuum stimulation and wave pulsation has been developed. Numerous reviews of girls say that in minutes when using such devices, they reach orgasm! Find more sex toy tips below.

The pioneer in the field of a new kind of vacuum stimulation was Womanizer, but it consolidated its success and improved and expanded the functionality of the German brand Satisfier. The main victory of the latter was an incredibly affordable price. Now products from the elite category are transferred to the class accessible to any woman!

Let’s first analyze the action method of the clitoral vacuum stimulator. A distinctive and important feature …

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