When it comes to pleasing a man, sometimes a gal just wants to throw in the proverbial towel. There are so many questions when it comes to what men like and so few definitive answers. For instance, “does he think my red lipstick is sexy or slutty?” or “are my fake eyelashes a turn-on or off?” And these are the easy questions. Trying to figure out what they want emotionally is a whole other issue. One reserved for all-nighter conversations or the therapist’s couch (NOT our field of expertise, sorry). The guidance we can give you in the relationship department is strictly beauty related, but every smart seductress knows that her beauty can act as her secret weapon to getting a man’s attention and affection. That’s why we’re sharing some sexy beauty tips that are tried, true and sure to heat things up. No matter what the temperature is outside, these beauty tips will make him melt.

It’s important to remember that what some guys love about the way a girl looks, others guys don’t. One thing’s for sure: there is no single thing that every guy likes when it comes to your beauty practices. However, there are a few things that are guaranteed to raise the blood pressure of most guys. To find out what those are, we pounded the virtual beauty pavement (by way of Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and asked men and women to nail down exactly what it is that guys like most when it comes to a woman’s beauty. And here is what we got: specific makeup looks, secret scents, sexy hairstyles and beauty tips that have made pulses race all over the country.

Before we show you the beauty tips that’ll send his temperature soaring, allow a quick obligatory side note: while these beauty tips will make you irresistible, no hairstyle or makeup style can look hot unless you feel confident wearing it or doing it. Feeling uncomfortable in your skin (or makeup or hairstyle) is NOT sexy to any man. A woman has to “own” her style to look sexy — period. With that said, be yourself and try on some of these sexy beauty secrets, but don’t blame us when he won’t leave you alone.

Tip 1: Expose your lips

While some men like a rouged lip, most replied back with a resounding “NO!” when asked if they preferred a mouth coated in lipstick. One woman said, “my boyfriend LOVES it when I wear a subtle lip gloss that shows off the texture of my natural lips. He hates to kiss me when I’m rockin’ the red.” One guy said, “For some reason, the smell of lipstick has, and always will, remind me of my grandma. I’m sorry, but no one deserves that imagery.”

When it comes to your sexiest pout, the majority of men prefer a more natural look. They (for the most part) don’t care what’s being worn on the runways, but do care about what’s most kissable. So what makes lips kissable? “Soft, moisturized and ready for a good time,” says one guy.
Bonus tip: Some guys said that one of the hottest things about lip gloss isn’t seeing your lips in it, but seeing you apply it (go figure). So tilt your head back, open your lips ever so slightly, and give them a good lip gloss application show they won’t forget — hey, whatever works, right?

Tip 2: Exfoliate and shave

“I find it the sexiest when I’m kissing a girl and I lightly brush my hand over her legs and her skin is super smooth. It’s just the ultimate in femininity,” says one guy. “There is this part on a woman’s belly, just around her belly button and around her hips, that is so smooth that it just begs for my lips,” another man claims.

Soft, touchable skin was the number one thing many of the men we talked to find sexiest, and the best way to get smooth, supple skin is by regularly removing rough, dead skin cells and prickly hair.

Tip 3: Get regular bikini waxes

Felling confident “down there,” is very important to a lot of ladie’s sexual self-confidence. “When I know all that ‘business’ is taken care of, I can just relax and have a good time [when we get intimate]. Which, of course, is all my husband really wants,” says one woman. Lots of men we asked shared the “I just want her to be comfortable” sentiment: “whatever is going to make my girlfriend feel the sexiest, is what I want,” says one devoted boyfriend.

A lot of women stated that a fast, albeit somewhat painful, way to make them feel sexy, is getting their bikini area waxed: “while getting your bikini area completely waxed is probably the most unreal pain a human being can ever endure in one’s life (other than giving birth), it’s not masochism that keeps me going back, but the complete stress-free confidence it gives me.”

Tip 4: Let him see your eyes

“Nothing is more unattractive to me than when I see a girl with a caked on face and big phony eyelashes. It just looks like she is trying way too hard which is telling me she is the kind of girl that requires way too much effort,” says one guy. Other men replied with similar distaste when asked how they felt about faux eyelashes: “Not a fan. With fake eyelashes, you get this strange plastic look around the eyes that doesn’t fit, unless the rest of the body is plastic as well … if you know what I mean.” Some guys didn’t mind them, but one warned, “go ahead and wear them if you think they look hot, but just so you ladies know, it is a huge turn off if one of those things comes off. Ew.”

Tip 5: Choose a smoky eye

Hands down the number one makeup look men preferred (over no makeup at all) is a seductive smoky eye. A lot of female readers agreed. They claimed they get the most compliments from their men when they go either completely bare (or what looks completely bare), or when they do a sexy, smoldering smoky eye paired with nude lip gloss. “My boyfriend hates it when I try experimenting with ‘hip’ colors like greens or bright blues, he says it distracts from my natural beauty,” says one reader. So why do men love a smoky eye look? “It makes the eyes look deep and entrancing,” said one.

Tip 6: Wear your hair down

Across the board, men prefer that women wear their hair down rather than up in any kind of “styled” ‘do. “Women just look more approachable, like they are down to have a good time when their hair is free-flowing and not all hairsprayed up,” says one man. Another guy agreed, “I want to run my fingers through your hair and I can’t do that when it’s got a bunch of junk in it.”

What did a lot of guys say was the ultimate “don’t” in hairstyling? Trying to pull of a look that doesn’t suit your style or personality. One guys said the hairstyles that turn him off the most are ones that say “‘I read too many magazines about what other people think look good without realizing what looks good on me.'” Another said, “a guy can tell when a girl is trying to force a hairstyle on herself just because she thinks it’s in fashion, and I want to say ‘just be yourself.'”

Tip 7: Wear perfume, but not too much

“I think the biggest mistake a girl can make is to go overboard with her perfume. If I wanted to hang out in a department store instead of go out on a date with you, I would,” said one guy when asked what his biggest turn-off was. Many men feel the same way about perfume. They like to smell it on a girl, but hate to be bowled over by it. “I want to still be able to smell you,” insists one man.

One application trick a reader recommends: “I spray my perfume in the air and walk backwards through it, because most guys smell you when they hug you, when their head is near your back.”

Tip 8: Show some (shiny) skin

We know what you’re thinking: “of course guys want us to show more skin, duh,” but we actually got this tip from the ladies. “My boyfriend goes nuts when I wear a shirt that shows off my shoulders and I apply MAC Strobe Cream to my collarbone and arms. He obviously can’t pinpoint what looks different about my skin, but he always admires it,” says one woman. Glowing skin is a sign of health, so it’s totally instinctual that a man would find this attractive. So go ahead and get your glow on, you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Tip 9: Wear a hat

Perhaps the most surprising turn-on we heard many men mention (unprompted) was they love a woman in a baseball hat. It’s true! “Guys like a girl that looks like she is relaxed and easy going, and a baseball hat says just that,” says one guy. When women were asked if their men preferred them in the laid-back style, they didn’t negate what the guys said. One woman said her fiance is always the most turned on by her when she is in sweats and a cap. “I don’t get it, but if that’s what he finds sexy, then heck, I’m a lucky girl that can save a lot of money on hair products.” Looks like we can relax a little on a bad hair day — and make our guys happy by quickly slipping on our favorite old baseball hat.