Ben Wa balls are, as their name suggests, balls that are usually sold by two connected or not by a wire and have diameters, weights and colors. Intended to be inserted into the vagina, they would be used by Chinese prostitutes for centuries and closely linked to the practice of tantrism. Their virtues would be legendary.


Today, they have become very popular with Western women. They allow them not only to do their “sexual gym”, but also to enhance their intimate relationships with their partner, like a sex toy. Ben Wa balls can contain small balls that, when shaken by contracting the vagina, gives very pleasant sensations from the inside.

How to use them?

As previously stated, Ben Wa balls have a dual function: they allow on the one hand strengthening the perineum, but are also part of the accessories that can be used during sexual games. They fit alone or in the vagina, using a lubricant, in the same way as an intimate internal protection. To do your sexual gym know the vagina rhythm on the music of your choice or without for half an hour each day. After one year of exercise, the orgasms of the man and the woman would be much more intense! Ben Wa balls are also especially recommended for women who have had children. Their stimulating effects, even aphrodisiac, are recognized: to wear them regularly would give frequent sexual desires! They would be very good for the libido. So, make sure to get these ben wa balls for better kegel exercises.

Finally, used as sex toys, they are particularly suited to preliminaries with his man. They allow to continue naturally the lubrication and to prepare pleasantly the vagina with the penetration. It is important to gently insert and remove the Ben Wa balls, so that it does not get stuck in the vagina. You also have to be rigorous about hygiene: this accessory must be cleaned before and after each use.

Here’s a an article from Cosmopolitan on how to properly insert and remove ben wa balls.

How to choose Ben Wa balls?

It is recommended to start with a reasonable diameter and weight: 2.5 cm for about thirty grams. Then we increase the size, over time and experience. Ben Wa balls come in many sizes, up to 3.5 cm and 120 grams, for the most seasoned! The best is to go gradually, it should not be painful.

Material side, opt for a soft and smooth surface, hypoallergenic silicone preferably. Above all, one chooses a simple model: the flourishes can be nests with bacteria. If the two balls are connected by a wire, this one must not be in fibers, but in silicone also.

Know your body first

Needless to say, Ben Wa balls are not chosen “lightly”, especially if you decide to buy to strengthen your perineum. Indeed, while multiple sex shops tend to pass the Ben Wa balls for products of “current consumption” and for which only the color has an interest, it is good to remember that the use of this intimate accessory n is not without impact on his body. Also, it is important to know your body well to choose the Ben Wa balls that meet your needs.

Diameter, weight everything counts

Already, and above all, let’s chase the fantasy that big Ben Wa balls are more efficient let’s also chase the fantasy of silver Ben Wa balls or stone Ben Wa balls. Needless to say, these clichés, which persist, are at places of reality. If fantasy can be de rigueur to choose smart balls, remember that the Ben Wa balls must be in perfect harmony with your anatomy, and that in terms of weight and size.

Forget a choice of Ben Wa balls based on the colors: you risk falling quickly, and find yourself with Ben Wa balls that will not be effective, or worse, that will be uncomfortable to wear. So remove from your choice the balls of Ben Wa “low end”, and prefer quality models.

Diameter of Ben Wa balls

Concerning first the diameter of the Ben Wa balls, the manufacturers of Ben Wa balls decided to propose two diameters: 28 mm, and 36 mm. Small diameters Ben Wa balls will be favored by women who have never had children, or who are under 30 years old.

You have a doubt about the diameter that best fits your morphology? Do not hesitate to discuss this question with your midwife, because do not forget, Ben Wa balls are now recognized as an ideal complement to perinea rehabilitation.

The weight of Ben Wa balls

As we mentioned before, Ben Wa balls should not be chosen lightly, thinking that the heavier they are, the more effective they will be. Indeed, if you opt for heavy Ben Wa balls, too heavy, your perineum will quickly get tired: never forget that smart balls are real small dumbbells for your perineum. However, remember, exercise a muscle is always done with a suitable weight, under penalty of reaps the opposite effects to those desired.

Also, and if you have never used smart balls, prefer to start with Ben Wa balls with a weight of about 50 grams and gradually, opt for Ben Wa balls with a greater weight to finish your exercises with Ben Wa balls having a weight of 90 grams but this naturally when your perineum will be muscular.

Ben Wa balls are one of the most known items in the world of erotic accessories. There is a wide variety on the market. You can choose the color, shape, size but do not be fooled by their appearance. We will explain how to choose the most appropriate Ben Wa balls. Do not forget that this is a very important article for the health of women, bringing important therapeutic benefits.

Steps to follow:

Here are the Ben Wa balls tips to follow:

  1. The material is very important. It is recommended to buy 100% silicone balls or medical grade polymer. This means that the material is not porous, preventing bacteria from staying in the balls. It is the most hygienic existing. In addition, the silicone heats immediately in contact with your body and has a pleasant touch. Once lubricated the balls slide very well, which facilitates their placement.
  2. The size of the ball varies. It usually has a standard diameter of plus or minus 3.5-4 cm to fit most vagina sizes. Know that the smaller the ball, the more difficult it is to hold it in the vagina, so the more you exercise the vaginal muscles. If the ball is larger, it is easier to maintain and it transmits vibrations better since it is in contact on a larger surface with the lining of your vagina.
  3. Weight is one of the most important aspects to consider. There are Ben Wa balls of less than 30 grams and others that weigh more than 80 grams. The less heavy the ball, the easier it is to hold it in the vagina. The heavier it is, the harder it is to hold it without it falling. The most recommended is to start with little weight and increase little by little.
  4. Classic models are two balls. They are ideal for women who have already used looser or smaller balls or for adult women, already moms and not having a very pronounced pelvic weakness.
  5. The single-ball models, of course, weigh less, so are recommended for beginners, young women, women with a descent of organs or with pelvic muscle weakness problems leading to urinary incontinence or vaginal prolapsed.
  6. If you are not sure which model to choose, have doubts and are not very sure of the model that will suit you best, there are kits interchangeable balls. They have several balls of different weights so that each woman can start little by little and move at her own pace. In this way, you can start using a single light ball, put two a little heavier, or progress with one or two heavier balls.
  7. Color and texture are the least important things. The design is often stylish, fun and modern, so that everyone can choose the model they prefer.
  8. Now that you know how to choose your Ben Wa balls, do not miss our article on how to use them

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