Finding the best sex toys for plus-sized women: It is safe to say that a new solution has been found in the clitoris stimulation method. It is the chastity counterpart for huge penis. A new model of non-contact impact on the source of female pleasure through vacuum stimulation and wave pulsation has been developed. Numerous reviews of girls say that in minutes when using such devices, they reach orgasm! Find more sex toy tips below.

The pioneer in the field of a new kind of vacuum stimulation was Womanizer, but it consolidated its success and improved and expanded the functionality of the German brand Satisfier. The main victory of the latter was an incredibly affordable price. Now products from the elite category are transferred to the class accessible to any woman!

Let’s first analyze the action method of the clitoral vacuum stimulator. A distinctive and important feature is that when using the product there is no contact with the clitoris. It is influencing the erogenous zone of gentle silicone, the nozzle only slightly adjacent to the area around the clitoris. A gentle suction and pulsating massage effects occur due to the vacuum created around the clitoris. Excluding direct contact, and other clitoral stimulants act just like this, sensitivity is not lost and orgasm comes faster, and the power of sensations increases many times! This is popular. In fact, it is as searchable in Google as chastity cages.

The following models of vacuum stimulants are presented in our online store:

To complete the review we need to clarify how to use the vacuum-wave non-contact stimulator of the clitoris. To turn on the stimulator, press the button and hold it for 2 seconds in order to activate the product and activate the minimum stimulation mode. Spread the labia to the side, opening access to the clitoris. Position the head with the hole above the clitoris in position so that the clitoris falls into the oval hole of the silicone nozzle. Choose the ideal stimulant position at which maximum enjoyment occurs. You no longer have to move the stimulator. Just switch modes and enjoy. For more comfort, use a water-based lubricant!

Dildo vibrator two in one

Dildo-vibrator is a device for women thoroughly imitating the male sexual organ and equipped with a module inside the product and a control panel. The module is a motor that, in working condition, rotating inside the case, creates vibrating waves transmitted to the dildo. The control panel in different models has a different look. Can be remote, built-in or on wires. Many modern models are made on the principle of the work of sculptors. First, an imprint is taken from the male genitals, and then the mold is cast on it. He fully justifies his name and really repeats the appearance and texture of the male penis.

This is a thing of the category necessary, even vital for achieving intimate harmony. A dildo with a vibrator is able to deliver incredibly pleasant sensations and bestow partners with the widest range of voluptuous experiences, sometimes unattainable in any other way.

Some models are limited to the imitation of the form, but most products comply with the slightest features of the color scheme and even reproduce tactile sensations, as if in contact with the human body. Individual phalli look deliberately rude because of the sharp, textured surface with “veins”, “veins” and “skin folds.” However, this impression is deceptive – you just touch it. Often the similarity is so great that the product is difficult to distinguish from the living “original”. For dildos equipped with a vibration function, this is the norm rather than the exception.

Another feature: Vibrator-dildo is equipped with a more powerful and functional vibro-module, than most fellows. Vibration is evenly distributed over the surface of the “penis”, and its character is often extremely similar to the stimulation that occurs in the process of frictions. Usually the module has a wide range of settings, and some models support various kinds of pulsations, damped vibrations and other “goodies”.