The vibrator is widely used in female bedrooms, but for the man there are so-called masturbators. These offer you a deceptively genuine replica of the female genitals and convey the feeling of sexual intercourse with a woman during masturbation. Whether you are on vaginal sex, anal sex or oral sex – the masturbators come in many different shapes and sizes. To experience almost real sex according to your own wishes, this is made possible by the particularly soft and at the same time robust material of these sex toys for men.

But how to use penis plugs? The American company Flesh light is considered the market leader in masturbators and offers everything you can dream of in terms of satisfaction. No matter what type of woman, which sex variation or position – at Flesh light you will surely find something. A special SoftSkin material and special extras such as textured surfaces make the perfect sex imitation possible and give you a feeling that hardly differs from reality. This is also the reason why many people also call these things lust plugs.

For couples, the erotic sextoys by Fleshlight are also a source of inspiration. If you or your partner are not ready for anal sex, the anal masturbators, for example, can be used as a special aid, and no one has to give up his special kick.

If you want to include not only the sexual parts of a woman in your erotic adventures, but also feel like their curves and her body, there are also these details deceptively genuine by Fleshlight in the trade. Whether curvy breasts, tight buttocks or the whole woman – everything is possible. Gone are the days of inflatable rubber dolls – the anatomically deceptively real sex toys and patterns perfectly imitate the softness, warmth and softness of real skin thanks to a special rubber.

Cock rings – you stand with your husband longer

In men, sexual energy is abruptly discharged after it has built up over a long period of time. Here, the male drive is considered much stronger than the female, he demands to be dismantled. With the help of a simple cock ring, you can make use of exactly these things: the erection is much longer and harder with this sex toy, for many men a special satisfaction. The rings for the penis are available in different sizes and made of different materials commercially. They are also available with special extras such as vibrating points, which stimulate the penis during masturbation. Cock rings can also be a special highlight in sexual togetherness with your partner: many women enjoy, for example, the vibrations during intercourse.

With prostate vibrators to new climaxes

To properly stimulate the erogenous zones is the nuts and bolts of a really good orgasm, both in men and in women. The legendary G-spot in the female sex is considered a special source of intense desire, and even with men there is this special source of pleasure. This is the prostate, which can be very effectively stimulated with a so-called prostate vibrator.

Check out this article from Vice about stimulating erogenous zones.

A prostate vibrator you introduce anal, which can be experienced as something unusual at the beginning. But the intense pleasure makes this sex toys quickly indispensable, whether the erotic solo adventure or lovemaking for two. Prostate vibrators made of a waterproof material are highly recommended, as they can be used in a warm bath or shower. The sex toys for stimulation of the prostate are available in various sizes and versions, with or without vibration. Without vibration function you keep the prostate dildo more in control of the stimulation, which is just as effective and intense. This is where your personal preferences ultimately decide.

┬áSex toys – a kick for shared erotic adventures

Leading your partner to a climax is a special affirmation for you as a man and can be achieved with numerous small aids. The intense tension before orgasm you can increase very effectively, for example, with penis sleeves or penile sheaths.

Even with these popular sex toys, shapes, colors, materials and sizes are almost limitless – what’s allowed is what you like. A particularly exciting and sought-after detail is penile sheaths or penis sleeves with so-called pleasure nubs or ribs on the surface. The stimulation is particularly intense with these little pleasure fanciers and bring a very special experience for them as well as for him.

Penis training – with Sex toys increase the ability to stand

Which man does not know that – the climax comes too fast, the sexual energy breaks its spell and then the relaxation sets in. But just as fast comes in most cases, the desire to extend the lovemaking next time something. Prolongation and intensification of sexual activity can be effectively trained, leading to completely new erotic experiences, whether alone or in pairs.