Love balls are a popular remedy for pelvic floor weakness. They have a preventative effect or can help to tackle a weak pelvic floor. How exactly love balls work against pelvic floor weakness, how they should be used and what effective training looks like with them can be found in our detailed instructions. Let’s work out!

Pelvic floor weakness – what is it?

The pelvic floor is a 2 – 3 cm thick layer of muscle and connective tissue, which closes the body down. The pelvic floor muscles keep the urine and stool back, even when we lift or carry something heavy. They stretch out of reflex when we exert strong pressure spontaneously (for example when sneezing or coughing). A pelvic floor weakness is therefore one of the main causes of bladder weakness and can lead to a reduction in the uterus or the vagina. So you should also and question do yoni eggs help with incontinence.

The cause of a pelvic floor weakness can have a variety of causes in women. In most cases, this occurs after childbirth. But the change in hormone balance at the beginning of menopause, heavy lifting or an unhealthy lifestyle can cause a weak pelvic floor.

The targeted strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles is therefore important in women not only after pregnancy, but with increasing age for prevention. Love Balls are a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to combat pelvic floor weakness. The small training devices are easy to use and the results come in a few weeks.

Love balls against pelvic floor weakness: application

Love balls have been known for centuries in many cultures – but under a variety of names: Among other things, one speaks of Loveballs, Smartballs, Geisha balls, vaginal cones or Ben-wa. The love balls have their origins in Japan. Nowadays classic love balls consist of two hollow spheres in each of which a small, freely movable metal ball is located. The balls are connected with a flexible band and a return strap for easy removal. They mostly consist of skin-friendly and hygienic silicone, but can vary in material, number of balls, weight, shape and size.

Step 1:  Lubricating gel  can facilitate insertion. When using love balls with a soft silicone coating, make sure that you only use  water-based lubricant  . Silicone-based gels  could damage the material and should only be used with metal balls.

Step 2:  Love balls are inserted vaginally to the return strap (similar to a tampon). The balls then sit properly inside when they are not noticeable at rest. The love balls can be safely pulled out at any time on the flexible return strap.

After use, they should always be thoroughly cleaned with a little water and soap. For disinfection, a special Toy Cleaner can be used. Until the next application, the vaginal balls should be stored in a closed box or bag to avoid contamination.

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Love Balls: Instructions for training

The most important thing when using love balls for pelvic floor weakness is to always keep moving. Only then does the desired effect take effect. As with any other workout, lying on a couch is not enough. Unlike sweaty fitness training, training with love balls is very easy.

Step 3:  You can do your normal everyday activities (shopping, showering, gardening or cycling) and the training starts. Because with each movement, the small weights inside the love balls are vibrated and rotate.

The rotation stimulates the muscles of the surrounding tissue to contract and thus helps to firm it. The intensity of the vibrations depends on the movement and the weight of the balls. The movement of the metal weights in the hollow spheres are perceived differently by each wearer – depending on personal feelings.

Love Balls are available in different sizes and weights. For effective pelvic floor training, you should wear it regularly. Start your training with light vaginal balls (up to 85g) and wear them  once or twice a day for about 15 minutes . The pelvic floor training with love balls should not be carried out longer because the muscles are overworked and sore muscles can threaten. After just two weeks of regular use, the first noticeable successes in strengthening the pelvic floor are achieved. Beginners can now slowly increase in weight and / or size of their exercise equipment.

If your pelvic floor is fit enough (you can easily hold the balls in you), you can also carry out additional targeted pelvic floor exercises when wearing love balls.


Pelvic Floor Exercise: The 10-Minute Workout

The bridge

Lie down on your back, bend your knees and put your feet up. Now raise your buttocks so that the trunk and thighs form a straight line. Do not fall into a hollow cross! Beginners hold the position for 30 seconds. Advanced users can easily lift a leg off the ground and hold it in the air without changing the body position.

The chair

Sit on the front edge of a chair and place your feet parallel to each other and support the palms sideways beside the buttocks. Tighten the pelvic floor firmly and try to lift the feet slightly off the floor. Hold this position for 30 seconds without changing the position of the back or pelvis.

The butterfly

Lie on your back and put your legs up. Let your knees fall apart while the soles of your feet lie against each other. Like to put firm pillows or folded blankets under the outside of your knees so that your hips do not open so much that it gets uncomfortable. Breathe deeply and consciously nestle your lower back on the floor as you exhale, tensing the pelvic floor vigorously. The ischial tuberos aspire to each other and the soles of the feet are pressed together. Inhaling relaxes again.

Are love balls a sex toy?

Love balls are primarily training devices to strengthen the pelvic floor. This in turn leads to an intensified pleasure experience during sex – for him and her. Of course, they can also be used as a love toy. The vibrating inner life of the balls can make some women feel lust, in very rare cases even lead to orgasm. Also, the insertion and removal can be part of the pre- or lovemaking.

Can you hear love balls while wearing?

No, the sound of rotating weights in high quality and well crafted love balls is not heard once they are introduced.

For more pelvic floor exercises, check out this Healthline’s article.