Whether you’re shedding some layers to hit the beach or stripping down for some bedroom QT with (insert name of extremely hot person you’re attracted to here), chances are you probably want your hot bod to look, well, you know, especially hot. For easy (read no gym time required) beauty tips on how to make your skin look and feel über-touchable, read on for some sexy beauty tips from some of our favorite beauty experts.

Make sure to treat every part of your skin—including your back.

Zapping dreaded bacne can be easier than you think. Beth Shapouri, our resident guru in The Girls in the Beauty Department, suggests showering right after you work out (to avoid pimple-producing sweat to build up) and switching to a body wash that contains the zit-buster salicylic acid (like Neutrogena’s Body Clear Pink Grapefruit Body Wash). Bonus beauty tip: Keep a stash of astringent pads handy and wipe one across the top of your back postshower to get rid of any shampoo and other pore-clogging residue.

Want smooth skin alllll over? Give yourself a good brushin’.

Make your skin-smoothifying routine even more effective by adding a short and sweet extra step that helps slough off dead skin cells. “Before jumping into the shower, I prep my skin by using a dry body brush. (A textured shower brush like the Eight Dry Skin Body Brush works wonders!) This helps to make my skin super soft even before I start the whole exfoliating, shaving and shampooing process,” says Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie.

Don’t be afraid to get a little dirty by using an exfoliating mud mask.

Those relaxing beauty masks you see in the beauty aisle aren’t just for your pretty face. “I swear by Borghese’s Fango Mud,” says Lianne Farbes of The MakeUp Girl. “I put it all over my body and stand in the corner of the shower for five to 10 minutes while I wash my hair, etc. Rinse it off and your skin will be tingly and smooth!”

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

Your mama’s (and grandma’s!) numero uno skin-care beauty tip still works—and you don’t have to use a fancy-pants moisturizing product to see results either. “I use baby oil before getting out of the shower,” says MyGloss.com’s Aly Walansky. “It seals in the moisture and is great for your skin, and who can resist that scent!?”

Deep clean—like, get way down there—your skin to make to make it look firmer and tighter.

Another reason to love super-clean skin—besides zapping those zits: Tiny pores equals youthful-looking skin! “When summer temperatures are hot, pores can look larger because of sweating. Sonic cleansing…deep-cleans the skin and makes pores look smaller and tighter,” says Robb Akridge, Ph.D., the founder of Clarisonic.

For a little last-minute prep, dial down the hot water in the shower.

“At the end of your shower, rinse your body with cold water,” suggests skin-care guru Ole Henriksen. “It’s a little uncomfortable, but it helps to further tone and firm the skin.”

Make legs and arms look extra sexy by evening out your skin tone.

Those “how’d that happen?” bruises, random red spots and other little skin hiccups can be hidden in seconds by using products from your makeup bag. “Because every mark tends to glaringly show up on my fair skin, I use concealers from Cle de Peau and Amazing Cosmetics to cover them up,” says our own Christa Lee. Finish with a thin layer of moisturizer to help blend and make legs, arms and everything in between even more touchable.

Hide annoying razor bumps along your bikini line.

What good is fancy, confidence-boosting underwear if you’re stressed out about your bikini line? “I like every single part of my body to look smooth and unblemished, including, ahem, my lady bits,” says Jessica Andrews of The Glamazons. Here’s her beauty tip for a smooth bikini area: “You can mask any unsightly razor bumps with a bit of spray-on foundation. I love the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Airbrush Spray Makeup because it’s waterproof and really stays put.”

For a sex-goddess glow, try a body bronzer.

A perfect complexion is one thing we’re totally OK about faking in the bedroom. “I use an allover coating of Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse,” says Katz. “It bronzes my vampireworthy pallor to a believable warm golden brown”.

Get down…and sit up!

“When it comes to looking hot naked, it’s really all about working out and eating right,” says Jeannine Morris, founder of BeautySweetSpot.com. “Of course, there are a ton of camouflaging tricks and great ways to get smooth skin. which are also necessary, but beginning with a great canvas makes touching up a whole lot easier. I always crank out a set of sit-ups before I shed my clothes so I’ll look toned and tight.”