It’s not easy being an ordinary person wearing outlandish clothes. Our society is such that it judges us on every corner, mostly based on what we look like. And yes, we know that’s wrong. But until things change, it’s easier to let celebrities break the ice and follow in their footsteps. So, allow us to list down some famous women who are known to wear tight latex on and off-stage from whom you can borrow courage and inspiration.

1. The Kardashians

When thinking about celebrities in latex, look no further than the Kardashians. And when talking about the Kardashians, it’s always best to start with the most famous family member — Kim Kardashian West.


Throughout her years in mainstream Hollywood culture, we were able to see Kim wearing all sorts of fancy dresses and colorful costumes. However, none were as interesting as her 2019 choice while attending the Met Gala event.

The theme of the evening was Camp: Notes on Fashion. And since Kim is always on the lookout for something campy, she chose a semi-transparent variant of a Mugler latex dress. It was provocative yet stylish at the same time.


Her hips were booming, her breasts were pumping, and her tan was glowing through the nude latex. It’s safe to say that her fashion choice set itself apart from the rest, making headlines and bringing latex to the big stage once again.

 2. Cardi B

There’s no other fashion center more important than Paris. It’s the city we first think about when someone mentions wardrobe trends and groundbreaking looks. One of the reasons is the famous Paris Fashion Week.


Still, this popular event was never really home to latex clothing. Well, at least not until Cardi B showed up in her perfect purple latex dress, coupled with matching high-heel boots, in 2019. It was simply jaw-dropping seeing her like that.

3. Nicki Minaj

When she’s not icing us with her catchy rhymes and gargantuan booty going up and down, Nicki Minaj captures our attention with her fashion choices. At the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, the rapper wore a picture-perfect pink latex onesie. The outfit was top game and pretty much the only important talking point from that year’s event.


Sure enough, there were other famous people in cool clothes present, but none like Nicki. The latex would make sure the curves on her body get all the attention, and it did with flying colors. And speaking of colors, the pink she wore suited her glam style just perfectly. She was like a hot candy bar, wobbling her buttocks around the place.

4. Lady Gaga

Speaking of celebrities in latex, what about Lady Gaga? We all know her both for her catchy pop music as well as her quirky fashion choices. And when it comes to quirky, there’s no better material than latex. It suits her image better than any other fabric out there, so it’s no wonder we often see her wearing it at public events.


Nevertheless, we’re not here to talk about her in latex at some awards night or a music festival. The one latex dress that we find mesmerizing is a red outfit she wore while hitting the New York clubs with her then-partner in 2018. It was simple yet more than effective as she paired it with big black sunglasses, the kind that suits her celebrity aura the best.

5. Arianna Grande

The thing with latex is that we associate it with something naughty and provocative. But what about cute latex outfits? Well, don’t worry — Arianna Grande made sure the material appears as such, too. Here’s how.


This was way back in 2015 when she would debut her very own fragrance line. Anyone who cares about perfumes knows about ARI by Arianna Grande. It’s a great scent, and she made sure to promote it just the right way while in a latex two-piece.


The two-piece was simply adorable. Not just because it mimics a classic girly look but also because of its color — it was a lavender tone, the kind that suits a woman of her stature the best. She also added to her look with a pair of white heels and fabulous puffy earnings.

Why Should You Wear One Too?

Why would anyone wear latex, you might wonder. Isn’t it just too trashy and invites unnecessary attention from others? Well, it might be in certain scenarios, but that’s what’s about to change in the future.


Aside from looking great, latex is actually an eco-friendly material, as it’s synthetic and easy to recycle. So, if you care about our environment as you should, wearing latex is the right choice. 


Of course, the main selling point of latex dresses is that they are tight and shiny. As such, they can accentuate the curves of your body and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Additionally, it provides great comfort and mobility, unlike leather.


But don’t worry. We’re not suggesting that you should go all-out latex every day. Instead, you can pair it well with other types of clothing and materials. From classic T-shirts to denim and leather, it looks great as it gives that essential dose of contrast.

When Should You Wear a Latex Dress?

Another pro of latex is that it’s pretty versatile. As such, you can wear it at parties, at everyday events, as well as in your bedroom. Yep! A latex costume can up your game while having fun with your partner, making you look even more attractive than you already are.


If you’re into kinky sex, browse around for latex costumes online or visit for quality latex dresses. You’ll find most of them hot with their simple designs that will make you look like a real-life sex doll. Moreover, you won’t need to take them off while having sex, as they have zippers just where you need them.